• Homebrew Kegging Kit With Double Tap Tower No CO2 TANK or Regulator

If you already have the bones of kegging system, and want to upgrade to a 2 tap tower, this is the unit for you. This system comes with 2 used Corny kegs tested to hold pressure. New replacement O rings come with this kit, along with a double tap tower. Install a draft tower on a counter-top, or convert a chest freezer by adding a double tap draft tower to the top. This system is designed to deliver homebrew from a two USED 5 gallon cornelius kegs through a double tap commercial draft tower "bar" setup.

Complete Kegging  Conversion System
Kit includes:

Two 5 gallon Cornelius Keg with Ball Lock Fittings (Pepsi Keg)
Two Complete O-ring replacement sets
Keg Lube, 1 oz. (Food grade lubricant)
Two each - Ball Lock Quick Disconnects, Gas & Liquid
1/4" tubing, 6 ft. - gas line 
Double Faucet Draft Tower with  5' of  3/16" Beer line for each faucet
Air Distributor with two Gas Shut Off with Check Valves.

All Connecting Hardware (swivel nuts, clamps, etc)

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Homebrew Kegging Kit With Double Tap Tower No CO2 TANK or Regulator

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