• Extra FastFerment Collection Ball

Used to collect and harvest yeast for consistent batch results .

Collection Ball
Dumping and cleaning the Collection Ball is based on each brew or batch of wine.
Heavier batches might require more purging and dumping to get rid of all of the yeast,
sediment and trub. Ensure you have let primary fermenation happen before starting to
purge the sediment and trub. Ensure everything is settled in the collection ball before
removing it from the vessel. This may require letting it sit overnight. Always turn o
the Union Valve before removing the Collection Ball. We recommend putting a plate
underneath the Collection Ball when removing in case of spillage.

Oxygen Exposure
To ensure there is absolutely no O2 exposed to your fermenting contents when
reattachingthe Collection Ball, try these ideas:

  • Fill the Collection Ball with nished beer, wine, or whatever you are fermenting and then reattach (Ex. if fermenting Lager, ll with a nished Lager)
  • Fill the Collection Ball with distilled water and then reattach
  • Fill the Collection Ball with CO2 and then reattach

When the Collection Ball is switched out and reattached there will be a small amount
of O2 sucked back into the unit. Our tests show it is around 0.7-1.35oz/20-40ml of O2
that is sucked back. BUT there is no uid from the airlock that is sucked into to the unit
with the 3 Piece Airlock design that comes with each FastFerment. If you are using the
standard 3 Piece AirLock that comes with the FastFerment you do not need to remove
the airlock while switching and reattaching the CollectionBall. Anything Fermenting
will be ne.

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Extra FastFerment Collection Ball

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