By David Sutula

No longer are mild ales confined to the small towns of England.

Once a designation for an entire class of beers, mild ale now refers to a beer style some describe as the "elixir of life for the salt of the earth". Mild is a beer that can be at once light or dark, very low or very high in alcohol, and either rich in dark malt flavor or light and crip with a touch of hop flavor and aroma. The recipes included offer a wide range of interpretations for a style that has unparalleled flexibility.


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What began on a lark when he took home a book from the library on homebrewing became a full-time avocation for David throughout his college years.  His hobby turned semi-professional when he started making the hour-long drive from Toledo to Detroit to volunteer time at Michigan’s first brewpub, Traffic Jam & Snug.  After graduating from school and a short careers as an eighteenth century woodworker and a newspaper stringer, he took his hobby to the professional level at Cleveland’s Corked River Brewing Company.

After having been a professional brewer for 12 years plying his trade at a variety of Northeast Ohio brewhouses, David woke up one day to realize that  what he loved most about brewing was the story – the reasons that a person would belly up to the bar and order one beer over another.  So, he hung up his boots and started an advertising agency called 9Threads that has grown from one guy in his dining room to dozens of associates in offices in New York City and Akron, Ohio,

Seven years went by and, though the shock of having to pay for beer stung, he brewed not a single drop until one day he bit the bullet and converted his garage into a one barrel brewery where he now makes big, bold bottle conditioned beers designed specifically to lay down.

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Mild Ale

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