By Terry Foster

Never before has the evolution of pale ale been so thoroughly explored.

Terry Foster pays proper homage to this distinctive ale and the sub-styles it has spawned. This all-new revised and expanded edition includes a new section on American IPA's, pale ales and amber ales.


Paperback: 340 pages

Publisher: Brewers Publications

ISBN: 0-937381-69-1

Product Dimensions: 5.5 x 7.5 inches



Terry was born and educated in London and holds a Ph.D. in organic chemistry from London University; he moved to the U.S. in 1977. He has worked in several areas of the chemical industry, but spent most time in the application of chemicals to mineral beneficiation, finishing up as Global Technical Director for Mining Chemicals at Cytec Industries, in Stamford, Connecticut. This means he traveled all over the world, from Australia to Zambia and points in between, including the East Bloc and the Soviet Union when the Iron Curtain was still in place. It also meant that he got to drink all kinds of beer in all kinds of different places.

He started brewing some fifty years ago, and has been brewing at home ever since. Terry started writing about home and commercial brewing in various magazines in England, and published his first book Dr. Foster’s Book of Beer in England. In the U.S., he gave many presentations on technical and practical aspects of brewing, and wrote for several magazines, such as Zymurgy, All About Beer, American Brewer, and Brew Your Own; he was also on the Editorial Advisory Board of Brewing Techniques. He also initiated the Association of Brewers Classic Beer Styles Series with Pale Ale in 1990. This was followed by Porter, another in the series, and in 1999 by a revised and much enlarged second edition of Pale Ale.

In 2001, he retired from his formal job, and now spends some 40 percent of his time in the UK, where he has carried out much research into the history of 18th and 19th century English beers at England’s National Brewing Library and the British Library. He has also delved into archives at Yale University Libraries and at Guinness’ brewery in Dublin. He is a member of the Brewery History Society, and has contributed to their journal, and has recently contributed several pieces for the forthcoming Oxford Companion to Beer edited by Garret Oliver.

Terry is presently writing a regular “Techniques” column for Brew Your Own; also he regularly consults for and brews with Jeff Browning, an English-style craft brewer at Bru Rm@Bar, in New Haven, Conneticut. Jeff and Terry will sometimes recreate 18th/19th century recipes at Bar. Outside of brewing, he plays tennis, swims, and likes art exhibitions, particularly those showing Impressionists, Georgia O’Keefe, and Edward Hopper. He has recently published a historical novel, The Hydrometer Code, as an e-book (available on Kindle and Nook), and is currently working on another.


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Pale Ale: Second Edition

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