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Brewing Yeast

Liquid brewing yeast are available from Wyeast Laboratories. We offer a large selection of both lager and ale yeast in Wyeast's 125 ml Activator "smack" pack with nutrient pouch.

We also offer a large selection of dry yeast used commercially around the world, selected for their quality, fermentation characteristics and flavor profiles so you can brew great beer at home to style.

Brewing Yeast
Dry Beer Yeast
Dry Beer Yeast
Wyeast Ale Yeast
Wyeast Ale Yeast
Wyeast Belgian Ale Yeast
Wyeast Belgian Ale Yeast
Wyeast Private Collection
Wyeast Private Collection
Wyeast Cider and Mead Yeast
Wyeast Cider and Mead Yeast
Wyeast Lager Yeast
Wyeast Lager Yeast
Wyeast Wild (Lambic) Yeast
Wyeast Wild (Lambic) Yeast
Best Sellers
01.Swiss Lager Yeast - Saflager S-189, 11 g
02.US 05 American Ale Yeast 11 g
03.Nottingham Ale Yeast
04.1056 American Ale
05.1272 American Ale II
06.Weihenstephan German Lager Dry Yeast SafLager W-34/70 11 gm
07.K-97 German Ale Yeast
08.1084 Irish Ale
09.T-58, Fruity spice & pepper finish
10.Whitbread Ale Yeast 11 gm
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420 Time Extra Pale Ale
I've made two batches so far. It has a great flavor and wort ..
5 of 5 Stars!