Canned Kits

Canned Kits

Canned Malt Extract and canned beer "Kits" are a wonderful and convenient way to make your first several batches of home brew, and for many years to come . Many people feel the cans are something to start with, and move away from as you continue to gain brewing experience.

 Experience has shown, that as your techniques and attention to detail improve, so will your experience and results, whether you are brewing with a kit from a can, malt extract with steeping grains, or all grain. When using the can kits, we do not (normally) recommend adding sugar as a your additional source of fermentable sugars. Instead, we recommend adding one 3.3 pound pouch of liquid malt extract, or a 44 ounce bag of dry malt extract.


M & F  Amber  hopped           3.3
M & F  Amber  unhopped         3.3#
M & F  Dark  plain             3.3#
M & F  Dark Hopped             3.3#
M & F  Light  hopped            3.3
M & F  Light unhopped          3.3#
M & F American Light       Kit 3.3#
M & F BOCK BEER              Kit 4#

M & F BOCK BEER Kit 4#

M & F BOCK BEER Kit 4#..


M & F Canadian Ale         Kit 3.3#
M & F Export Pilzner       Kit 4.0#
M & F Export Stout           Kit 4#
M & F Lager                Kit 3.3#
M & F Nut Brown Ale          Kit 4#
M & F Pilsner              Kit 3.3#
M & F Premium              Kit 3.3#
M & F Premium Bitter       Kit 3.3#
M & F Stout                Kit 3.3#
M&F Mexican Cerveza Kit
Muntons Maris Otter          3.3#

Muntons Maris Otter 3.3#

Made using only the finest East Anglian Maris Otter barley. Contains a minimum of 60% Maris Otter a..


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