• Orange Blossom Honey 12 Pounds (1 Gallon)

A light, amber aromatic honey gathered from the blossoms in orange groves
in California and Florida. Delicate hint of its citrus origins.

Great addition to beer to lighten the body, boost alcohol and add a special character.
Excellent for honey meads.

Honey is used in brewing beer and making mead.

Honey is used in beer to boost alcohol without adding extra body. While it pretty much ferments to dryness, honey contributes a unique flavor characteristic all its own. Many debates are kicked around as to when it';s best to add your honey to your beer. A safe way to do it is to add it toward the end of the boil, or at flame out. This will reduce loss of some the volitile flavor and aroma compounds. Also, some people like to make a honey addition into the secondary fermentation by lightly simmering honey and water on the stove before adding it to the secondary. This manner will further reduce the loss of delicate compounds that would otherwise be driven off during a vigorous primary fermentation. 

Mead is essentially a wine made from honey. It can be made to varying stregths based on how much honey is used in a batch of mead.
Traditional meads are generally made with approximately 3 pounds of honey per gallon of mead. This can produce a mead with an alcohol content of aorund 12-15% or so, depending on the type of yeast used, nutrient levels, oxygen content prior to fermentation, etc... If you haven';t tried a mead, many local grocery stores now carry mead. Try one out, and if you like it, perhaps you';ll be inspired to make your own at home.

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Orange Blossom Honey 12 Pounds (1 Gallon)

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